Emmerson's Ego State Therapy (Resource Therapy) Workshops are available at various locations in Australia and Internationally: 

1. Foundation Training - This level will enable you to understand and introduce most aspects of Resource Therapy into your current treatment modality. It is a comprehensive introductory training which also serves as a prerequisite to becoming a Clinically qualified practitioner of Resource Therapy. The Foundation Level involves 2 Days of training is often integrated into the longer 8 Day Clinical Training provided to form a 10 Day course of study. 

2. Clinical Qualification -  This qualification will enable you to practice as a Clinically Qualified Resource Therapist (or Ego State Therapist). It requires 8 Days of training inclusive of supervision and practice. When attending without the Foundation level, participants are required to attend 10 Days in order to complete a full Clinical Qualification.

3. Advanced Clinical & Train the Trainer Currently, the Advanced Clinical Certificate can be attended after gaining clinical experience as a qualified practitioner of Resource Therapy and/or Emmerson's Ego State Therapy. The Resource Therapy Train the Trainer program is currently included free of charge with the Advanced Clinical training. Suitably Certified graduates are able to go on to train others in Resource Therapy. The growing need for Resource Therapists and the willingness of Dr Emmerson to see that suitably experienced and passionate therapists are able to continue on the pathway to training others has now made this opportunity available for the first time.  

4. Master Classes - Whenever possible Master Classes are made available for Clinically Qualified Resource Therapists, RT Supervisors, RT Trainers and Advanced Clinically Trained RT Practitioners to deepen and broaden therapeutic skills. All Master Classes are taught by fully qualified Certified Resource Therapy Trainers and each topic is held over a single day. PD points are also available for these.

Resource Therapy Founder & Trainer

 Dr Gordon Emmerson is an Honorary Fellow in the School of Psychology  at Victoria University, Melbourne. He is the author of the books 'Ego State  Therapy' (2003, 2007, 2010), 'Advanced Techniques in Therapeutic  Counseling (2006), Healthy Parts Happy Self (2012), Resource Therapy (2014), Resource Therapy Primer (2014).  He developed  Resource Personality Theory and Therapy and has developed techniques for working with most psychological conditions.  His conceptualization of Vaded States has defined how to work with Addictions, OCD and Trauma.  As a registered psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological  Society, he has published numerous refereed articles and has conducted  and published experimental clinical research . Dr Emmerson has  conducted workshops in Australia, South Africa, Germany, the UK, New  Zealand,and the US. He makes keynote conference and convention  addresses on his therapeutic approaches and provides Foundation & Clinical Qualifications in Resource Therapy, as well as Advanced Clinical RT training, RT Master Classes and Train The Trainer.