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Ego State Therapy books relating to the workshops below.

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This book overviews Ego State Therapy and how to use it with Clients. This is the only book of the 4 that involves hypnosis.
A good book for self healing and also a useful book for clients to read while you are working with them.  
Details the use of Ego State Therapy without hypnosis.  Has regimens for treatment for a number of Psychological Conditions.  This book contains RT Actions and  how they are used with each diagnosis.  Clear diagnostic categories are provided to make the therapeutic intervention straightforward.

Ego State Therapy Training Workshops                             
Ego State Foundation Workshops (click each for more info) 
Ego State Master Classes
Ego State Train the Trainer

Bahrain Workshops: Ego State Therapist Training taught by Gordon Emmerson
Contact Puja Taneja at or
 Foundation Training:  9-10 January, 2014
 Part  I Clinical Training:  11-12 January, 2014
 Part II Clinical Training: 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th Jan., 2014

Melbourne Workshops: All taught by DrGordon Emmerson                   
Academy of Hypnotic Science, Melbourne
For Foundation and Clinical Qualification Melbourne Training 
Contact Julie Madden at 0408 355 592, or +61408355592, 

The Foundation Training is also included in the Diploma Course at The Academy of Hypnotic Science

For Advanced Clinical Training and Master Classes contact Anna Vidali at 0434700621 or

 1st Foundation Training 2014   1-2   February,    2014,
 Clinical Qualification: 1st 2014
 Must have completed the Foundation training
 Please check confirmation of workshops prior to  booking flights.
 Please note, all 4 weekends must be attended.

31 May - 1 June,   2014
14-15 June,           2014
19-20 July,            2014
20-21 September,2014
2nd Foundation Training 2014 12-13 July
2nd Clinical Qualification: 2014  
Must have completed the Foundation training. Please check confirmation of workshops prior to  booking flights. 
    4-5    October      
  18-19 October 
    1-2    November  
  13-14 December
Advanced Clinical Qualification: 2014
This training will be held in Blackwood, Vic. Foundation and Clinical Qualification must be completed before the Advanced Clinical. Individual dates can be attended as Masterclasses and contribute as RPLs toward a future Advance Clinical Qualification. Please contact Anna to enrol or for further information.  Anna Vidali 0434700621 or
  24-25 May  
  21-22 June  
  26-27 July
Click here for Details
Following the completion of this Advanced Clinical Qualification the OPI Master Class below is complimentary.  Others may take this master class on a normal fee paying basis.
Masterclass: 2014, Working with OPIs
Must have completed Clinical Qualification 
to attend. Contact Anna Vidali 043400621
11 October
Train the Trainer:  2014
Blackwood, Vic. Must hold Advanced Clinical Qualification plus Master Class. Please note, entry to this qualification is by invitation only.
8-9 November

Sydney Workshops: All taught by Gordon Emmerson
Contact Patricia Temple at 0400 622 680, or +61400622680 or
 Foundation Training: 15-16 February, 2014
 Clinical Qualification:
 Must have completed the Foundation training
 Please check confirmation of workshops prior to  booking flights
To be Adivised

Brisbane Workshops:

  •  (Venue is the Comfort Inn Robertson Gardens 281 Kessels Rd, Robertson)
  •  Contact Bernadette Rizzo at 0401082077, +61401082077 or
  • Foundation Training (To be advised)
  • Clinical Qualification Training: (To be advised)



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